Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brother and Sister

My brother sent this picture to me so I have to make another memory to go with with the picture. I remember the time my brother and some friends were playing ball in the barnyard. I had climbed up into a wagon that was sitting there, and decided to climb out again. I got as far as the tongue and lay down on it, trying to figure out how to get off of it... ( Not to smart) and finally fell off, landing on my elbow and breaking it. I remember going down a dark stairway to an Xray machine, and the next thing I remember was that cast itching so bad. It all ended fine. I remember that I could always twist my left arm a little further around than any one else. A kid has to show off something!!!!

Then there was a great snowstorm.
We lived close to the Walnut Grove School and they brought several kids to stay all night who could not make it home. I was not in school yet, but I remember mom put 4 of us in my bed crossways. I thought it was a great time, and people came for their children all to soon to suit me. If anyone remembers that, let me know.

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