Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christmas then and now

Having discussed Christmas with everyone who would talk to me, that means family, no one would tell me if there really was a Santa Claus. So I peeked around and observed. I saw dad carrying redwagon down the stairs, as we went out the door to go to town... We always had Christmas on Christmas eve.

Maybe that is why as a child, I tried to find presents and even unwrap presents before hand, (and of course, rewrap them) I always wanted to be prepared for the disappointment of substitue gifts..I never wanted to cause my mom and dad to be un happy, so I was happy.

And later when I had my own childdren and they wanted to know if there really was a santa clause, I would take them to town and say , "Now look, there is a Santa on every corner."

In the meantime, we would read the beautiful story in Luke Chapter 2, and they would tell the story over and over playing with a manger scene.

I remember one year, I had cut their sister in law's hair, and one of my little girls took the hair and put under the Christmas tree. She said it was Angels Hair. However I did not leave that under the tree.

May years later, we decided to not give gifts as it was a burden to some in our family. We all enjoyed it just as much, and then in later years, with marriages and others involved, we decide to make our family a Thanksgviving family.

Now, we all understand that Christmas is a pagan holiday. Aren't we blessed (so far) that we do not have to be Moslems or Hindus and can serve the one true Jesus ,Jehovah, Messiah.

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