Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ponies and horses

As a 1o year old, I won a blue ribbon with this Draft Horse named Pete at the State Fair. They stood me on top of a step stool so they could get a picture of me and the horses head. That was fun for me, but I could never understand why I could not sleep with the boys up above the horses if I could show a horse. Somethings were hard to figure out for a tomboy.

First we had ponies, never ridden ponies, and as much as I liked "Hi Ho Silver" on the radio, I did not like to fall off ponies! Being the youngest and skinny, I remember dad plopped me on a pony and told me to "hold on". The first couple of times, I landed on the top of my head. The next time I made it half way down the lane and then fell off. I was so glad to be off that pony that I did not care if my dad whipped me. The only whipping I ever remembered. And I do know he was just mad because I wasn't the star rider he expected.

Somehow, I did learn to stay on a horse, and came to love the horses. One year dad brought home a cross between a dun and a palamino. I was about 13 and it was not broke. My brother said, You cannot ride that horse, You bet I thought, and climbed the wire fence and jumped on the horses back. It tossed me right off on to the top barb wire. Yes, I have that scar too. But with dad's help, maybe my brother helped too, we got that horse tame. It had a gentle gait, I think was called a rack,and I rode it most every day. A great friend to have. Tillie was her name. When I went away to school, she foundered and dad had to get rid of her. I never had another horse.

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