Friday, January 18, 2008

A depression child,but never poor

It was a farming community , and mom took the eggs and traded them for a few groceries. Dad would buy a 10 cent sack of candy to eat on the way home.

I do remember the winter my Aunt gave me a hand me down wool winter coat. It was a camel colored coat and mom cleaned it with kerosene . It hung on the clothes line to air for days but always smelled of kerosene! I hated the site and smell of that coat, but cold Indiana winters made me put it on.

No one ever mentioned the coat to me, or how it smelled. I had no idea that I was poor.

Later , when I had a 3 year old , a two year old, and a 8 month old child, I took an old wool coat and made it into a coat, pants, and mittens for the 3 year old. But I was never poor.

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