Thursday, January 17, 2008

A wolf story

I Remember When: “ A spade was a spade”

“Maybe I was 5 or 6 years old. I was spending the night with my Aunt Muriel House who lived between Cicero and Walnut Grove in White River Twp. Indiana. There had been a wolf getting into the farmers sheep and killing them. So they organized a hunt to kill it. That was legal and encouraged at that time. Every one who gathered took their vehicles out into a field and were in a circle so they could shine their head lights together and could see to kill the wolf, while others were chasing the wolf into that direction. My Aunt had warned me to be very quiet, not to scare the wolf if it showed itself. She warned me and warned me.. However, the minute that wolf showed up in the circle of lights, I stood up and shouted “There it is” I was so excited. What she did to me, I do not remember!!! Later, the wolf was Mounted and put in a glass case in the Walnut Grove School and was there for years. They were known as the Walnut Grove Wolves. I was told my Uncle Charlie shot the wolf. If you know of other stories about the last wolf in White Rive Twp, let me know.

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