Sunday, January 20, 2008

Feed Sack Dresses

In the 6th grade, my aunt made me 2 feed sack dresses. My mother bought me a dress, and I was thrilled to have 3 dresses to wear to school that year!. The next year, I had home ec in school and I made 2 skirts and 2 jackets which I wore "forever". Times have changed so much. No one wore pants or jeans of any kind. And even when I had 4 little girls, I remember having 28 little dresses on the line one morning!!! I wish I had a picture of that now. The difference between being poor or rich, is being content with what you have!!

My mother did not like to sew, but I did enjoy it. We had an old treadle sewing machine that you worked with your feet. And even after I ran the needle across my finger, which I have the scar to prove it, I sewed for many years until pain of arthritis took the joy away. I decided early to teach each child to sew when they were in the seventh grade. So I started buying material, and when they wanted something, I would say , I'll show you how to make it. We kept that sewing machine busy.

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