Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sleigh rides

On a cold winter night, my uncle brought his grandsons to our house in a one horse open sleigh. While mom made cocoa, my uncle took me for a ride. He had a bear skin rug to put over our laps. It was a cold, clear night with stars and a moon. It felt like we were gliding through the night. All too soon the ride was over, but I can still experience the memory in my mind.

I remember a bob sled ride, and a few others from my youth.

Later, my daughter took me, a sister in law ,and 2 neices on a horse drawn sleigh ride in Vail. Belgiums were pulling the sleigh. We had a great ride then too. The guide, told us that Gerold Ford had a home up on the mountian side that he had to use a helicopter to get inand out of. I wonder if tax payers money?

I have always loved the belguin horses, the big gentle giants, and often went to the National Western Horse Show in Denver. May you all have a chance to see them dancing!!

Just wear shoes when you are around them, They weigh a lot if they step on your foot.

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