Saturday, March 15, 2008

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Home Again ! and I went to Westcliffe to work as the school nurse, the public health nurse, the Family Nurse Practitioner, and started a Home Health Program along with a well child clinic, and I was on call again! Never a dull moment. I was interviewing an LPN to work in the Home Health Program when I asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee or tea. She replied," no thanks" I said are you a Mormom? and she said she was! How funny, I had just left the Mormons.

Someone said one day," How terrible that we have so many different churches in this little town.". I said , " No it is wonderful" . It has been a great lifetime to live where we have had freedom to worship as we please. When else in history has this occurred? I'm afraid that the freedom will end when the Moslem's take over. Hopefully, I will not live to see that!

It was in 1980 that our son gave us our first SLR camera and I began to learn about taking pictures. Westcliffe is a great place to take pictures and to paint pictures.

Yes by 1983, I was developing the popular "burn out" in my nursing so I took a class in Drawing. Of course I could never draw as someone told me when I was about 12 years old. "You can't draw" I looked at my picture and her picture and decided she was right. I could not draw.

Whenever the children wanted to know how to draw, I said, " Ask your dad"

I had taken a nursing class in teaching people to use the Right Side of the Brain after strokes, so I bought the book"How to draw on the Right side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. And I followed all the lessons in that book and I learned to Draw. Then I began to take classes in Pastels, then Oil. Then I joined Brush Marks in Canon City for critiques on my art work. That was the best training. One of the group challenged me to paint a picture in watercolor and after 3 times, I painted it. That was when I fell in love with the WC. I did continue to paint and draw for 25 years. Some of my best friends were artists. Oh, and there was an occasional wierd one, besides me.
Why was it so hard to be "on call" I think for essential things it would be OK, but not everything was even close to essential. It is not easy to get up in the middle of the night at 40 below 0 and see someone that was OK by the time they got to the clinic.

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