Thursday, March 13, 2008

North West Washington adventures

In the Darrington Clinic, as one of the FNP's , we worked days and were all call anytime. Every other weekend we were 'off'. My husband was working as a fire watch. So on the weekend we were free we traveled to see the state. It was about 3o miles to the interstate and by that time we were usually out of heavy rain . Sometimes a mist and sometimes a little sun! There were so many interesting places to explore, I can only name a few.

The trip to Anacortes was a treat. A great old hardware store there where I found the best dustmop that I ever had! From there it was a short distance to the ferry which took us to the San Juan Islands. A different trip for each island and then the longer ferry that took us to Victoria BC. There was this best museum ever, you could smell the apple pie cooking on the old wood cookstove like my mom had! And the buildings were so magnificent.

Whidby Island was another favorite place. The Ocean waves rolling onto the beach, The tide coming in or going out, looking for shells, or rocks., the feel of the wind and splatters ! They also had a large garden there of all kinds of blooming trees and flowers that grew far above normal. I think it was 35 acre's but the name escapes me. The old houses, some 3 and 4 story tall were still in great shape in 1979 and along the coast they were plentiful. Port Townsend was another favorite place and we watched the dolphins there.

The World Fair was in Vancover, Canada one year, and we toured that, but the place that beckoned us quite often was Pikes Market in Seattle. It was while walking the sidewalks someone was calling my name. No one knew me in Seattle..... but there were rockhounds from Texas, calling my name! It was always a fun place to go, and we could never see it all but we ended the day with Ivar's Oyster Stew and a few chips to throw to the sea gulls!

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