Monday, March 10, 2008


" Buy truth, and never sell it" Proverbs 23:23"

"Moving once, and moving twice, and moving once again"
Wasn't there a song something like that??

Having lived in Indiana for the first 40 years of my life and lived within a radius of a few
miles of my birthplace, what an adventure we were in for!

With daughter #2 now married, and daughters #3 and #4 now in Bob Jones Academy and University, we took a 6 months vacation on Lake Junaluska, N.C.

It was while moving there, I was driving a pick up truck with a large camper on the back, pulling a loaded trailer with 2 chirstmas trees on top of it through 6 lanes of traffic going both directions on some interstate through Tulsa ,Oklahoma, when I decided I did not want to move again. It is so nice that we cannot see into the future!

We found an Independent Baptist Church in Asheville, N.C. that was using R.H. Mount Jr.'s book on the ' Tabernacle' as a text for Wednesday evening study. Finally, some great teaching from the Bible. Ralph H Mount Jr. has since gone to be with the Lord. He was a great teacher with great knowledge of the Bible and the Greek translations. Our family will always be greatful for the chance of studying with him. If you ever see a book written by him, Buy It!

That journey ended in Cotopaxi, Co. in 1973 and although the 'moving' was not over, it was our home base until 2006.

In was in Cotopaxi, that we took some classes in Rock Hunting, studying rocks and minerals. What I enjoyed most was hunting for them. Just sitting on the side of a mountain, digging with a rock hammer and finding a crystal!! We actually went rock hunting in many places and states, It was a thrill to find petrified dinosaur bones in the desert, and petrified wood in many places. And we met so many interesting people who became friends. We also had an old Willy's jeep that would go most anyplace. What fun to explore the area before all the people moved in and roads were closed by some government agency.

Coming home from work in the evening, I could always spot when Leon would give one of "my rocks" away. It seems so funny now, but someone took a rock we used as doorstop to the station. Why would we use a special rock for a door stop, and why would someone steal it? The mysteries in life.

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