Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally--Moving to Colorado

"With someone like you, a friend so good and true, I'd like to leave it all behind , and go and find, a spot that's known, to God alone"
Maybe it was that old song or maybe from our camper vacations, I always wanted to move to Colorado.
My husband came home from work, and said someone wanted to buy our house ! He said there was a big house for rent he was sure we could move to, but I said," If we don't go to Colorado now, we never will. " It must have been in an " Overall Plan!"

It was a busy 2 weeks, We had a wedding of our oldest daughter, thanks to those who helped and it was already planned.
We drove to Colorado and rented a house.
We had a family Christmas at our house.
We both resigned our jobs and packed all our belongings in a UHaul truck.
And moved to Colorado!!!

In another two weeks, I was working in a hospital, Leon bought a piece of property above Rye,Co. and he built a house there. It was only a couple months and there was an opening in Public Health which I liked much better than hospital work. So many people have said "How could you just move? I have always been thankful for that basic RN training. And maybe a sense of adventure?

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