Monday, March 17, 2008


One of a family of five brothers and a sister. What a great family they have been and still are. They are all great story tellers. When someone begins a story, it is not long until all the grand kids and nieces and nephews etc. are trying to find a place to set and listen. You will have to come and visit for those stories!

Early in our marriage, we decided not to have television. A few of us manage that. Of course the first thing our children bought when they left home was a t.v. We always had books, and even moved books, on all our travels. Leon read a lot in encyclopedia's and remembered what he read. He also had a technicals library on building , mathematical equations, engines etc. And we studied the Bible.

A college professor said " he could talk to anyone on any level about any subject".
He loved kids. On Halloween, he always came up with something different. One year he took a jar of peanut butter and spead it on bread while the kids were watching and then tried to put it in their goodie sack. Then he would say something like"Dont you like peanut butter and jelly?"

And a delightful picture I have of him is when he had taken the Bible from a Jehovah Witness and was explaining the scripture to him!

When we traveled, he would know about the towns we passed through. He was like a personal travel guide.

I have not said much about him, but I could not have done better for a life companion.

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