Monday, March 3, 2008

Nursing 1966-1970

In the midst of having my children, it was always nice to have my Registered Nurse license. It came in so convenient in summers when my mom was not working and a lot of time at nights. I worked part time in various hospital around since we were living about the same distance from three hospitals, and we always seemed to be in need of another crib, or diapers, or even Soy milk for the allergic babies. At that time, the soy milk, stunk and stained stained everything. Perhaps that is why, I have never tried it again!
So in 1966, I began working at the Visiting Nurse Service in Elwood, In. the hours were 8am to 1 pm, so I was home when the children left for school and home when they came home. It was a good place to work and I learned a lot.

It was about that time that we sold our 3 bedroom home on the corner, and moved to an older house that we remodeled. It had 5 bedrooms and a sewing room. Only one bathroom. How we managed that I have no idea. Some things are best left unknown! It was also the time that our country schools had all been consolidated and our 5 children were now going to 5 different schools whereas they had all been in one. That sure did not help us!! but with moving, we only had 2 schools to contend with.

In working as the visiting nurse and also the migrant nurse during the tomato season, I worked out of the Red Cross office. Mrs Haines was the Red Cross personel and from her, I learned so much in dealing with people. Does anyone remember Mrs. Haines? She was a grand person. Just by listening to her speak with such interest to people and their problems, she could entice them to tell their stories and in some way help them. It is so true that people want to share their problems, or illness, with someone who shows some interest in them.

In the migrant camp there was a long barrack like structure, with cots placed side by side the length of the building. No spaces in between, and here the migrants slept. And how do you controll head lice in that kind of place? The smaller children were sent to a day school arranged by some nuns . There, we tried to teach the older children how and what to use to get rid of the head lice. I remember one nun, (back then they had every inch of their head and body covered), who said she could just feel her body crawling with lice after she saw them coming off the kids heads when washed. I always thought" How could a louse get under that outfit"

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