Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Working Part Time

Westcliffe Clinic was going through some problems finding Physician coverage , so I quit all my jobs and was on call every other weekend. This went on for about 3 years and then I filled in for some Nurse Practitioners vacation time etc. It still gave us time to travel a little and explore the country. Above is an old mill south of Creede, Co. It was still in pretty good shape at that time. Creede was a great place to find Creede agate, but gradually the old mining spots were closed to everyone. Some great scenery . We loved the back roads from Creede to Lake City and Lake City to Silverton. I especially remember one tent camping trip in New Mexico where we had a snowstorm. All night long the wind blew, and we would hear one car leave and then another, and another. Finally our tent blew down on top of us and we just snuggled a little deeper in our down sleeping bags. When it was dawn, we were the only ones left in the campground!

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