Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1948 Choices

The choices we made that so molded our lives. Being rather bored in high school and somehow making my grades without much effort, when a teacher asked if any would be interested in touring nursing schools in Indianapolis, there were several of us who volunteered. I guess we were all interested in a day out of school. We toured Indiana University Hospitals, then the Methodist Hospital and finally St. Vincent's. The first two were very busy , and about all I remembered were underground tunnels linking different buildings. These tunnels were cluttered with large wheeled laundry baskets with dirty laundry. Trays of dirty dishes etc. By the time we arrived at St.V's the work day was over, The hospital was neat and clean. Going through the surgery, we were invited to peek in a window and see a brain surgery being performed! Then they took us to the nursing home and had a fireplace going in the student lounge and they served us hot chocolate and cookies. Now that didn't even take a brain to choose which school to attend. Of all the girls that went, I was the only one who applied and was accepted into nursing school at the tender age of 17. My other choices were to go to a secretarial school, or be a teacher. I knew I did not want to spend my life at a sitting job. No one even said I could be a doctor or anything else. My how times have changed.
After graduation, and later that summer was that boy that just would not give up. He finally joined the marines and was in for a year with 6 years in the reserves.
And I was off to nursing school. I was so eager to go , and so eager to get home. Three years of working days later!!
The nursing, school, and experiences makes a book by itself. I will only mention a few things in passing in this blog.
In l948, the State of Israel was born with May 14, 1948 their Declaration Of Independence declared.

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