Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grandma's story, part 2 of 5

page 2 Myrtle
Roscoe and Ella then moved to a farm that Riley gave them. At some time he lost the farm. Later they moved to Idaho and then to California as Ella had tuberculosis. She lived to be 82 and they had three sons. Myrtle’s stepbrothers that she never knew.
Myrtles brother:
Omar Everit Gustin born 6-30-1904 and died 4-17 73.
This is a picture I have, marked Omar. Also there is another picture sometimes marked Omar, sometimes marked Myrtle??
Was he premature? They said his head fin in a teacup and his body in a cigar box? A cousin Mariah Brown, took him, and spoon fed him. Her husband fought in the Civil War. He came home and left again?? The story is that Mariah rode a hose to get Omar, She did not live long ? How long? And her children Carl, Harry, and Carrie Brown raised Omar.
My mother (Myrtle) says she remembers that once a year, Carl Brown would bring Omar in the buggy and they would go see their dad Roscoe. He said they should remember they were “family”. Omar and Myrtle rode in the buggy up to see their dad and stepmother who were farming in Tipton County.. Myrtle remembers being scared sleeping upstairs.
Other things that Myrtle remembered were: a sack of candy for Christmas, playing with kittens, dressing them up and pushing them in a buggy. She wasn’t allowed to bring them in the house.
She remembered all of her mother’s and grandmothers nice things were stored in the attic, moths got in and ruined them.
Allie developed cardiac asthma so their were several different hired girls. Mother remembered them and was quite fond of them in later life. One was Carrie Maude Gunn Maggeret
She went to # 6 school, which was a one room school on the corner of Riley’s farm. B.
Fern House was the teacher when mom was in the first grade.. Other first graders were Virgie Parker, Melvin Carey, Reason Holloway, Maizie Newby and Myrtle. In the second grade were Newby Carey, Mary House and Kenneth House and Roy Blackford were in the third grade.
Virgie Parker was mom’s best friend all her life. She was Uncle Will’s daughter and lived about 3/4 mile away. Kenneth was to become my dad., and B. Fern House was my dad’s oldest sister.

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