Saturday, February 9, 2008

Doctors and Doctors offices

Lesson learned early : Doctors are not Gods

When I was about 13 I was sick, I couldn't eat, and my stomach hurt. My folks called the doctor who came out to see me. He punched around my stomach, checked me over. I told him the ache was kinda up by my ribs on both side. ( My lower right quadrant was not tender.) He was a doctor but not a surgeon. So he suggested I go to a surgeon. So my folk took me to the surgeon who said it was appendicitis, and proceded to admit me to the hospital and do surgery. After the surgery I ran a high fever, then one day the nurse brought the old doctor in and she said, "Look she is yellow" So my diagnosis was changed to hepatitis. For that they gave me 2 large tablespoons of castor oil, morning and night!! After about a week, the yellow was all gone from my skin. I have told this story to doctors who cannot believe the treatment and that it worked. Has anyone ever known of that treatment for hepatitis? I was in the hospital 3 weeks for a surgery that wasn't needed. My mother and brother also had hepatitis but were treated by using pills. They never turned yellow. Because of my fever,then my hair all came out. Just what I needed as a teenager! It was not long after that that my dad and brother put in a septic system and bathroom. We had used an old 2 seater before. I think the hepatitis came from other school children that had it.

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