Monday, February 25, 2008

Grandma's story, part 4 of 5

Page 5 Grandma’s story
In 1929 when the stock market failed. , or sometime shortly after that, my folk came home from town and saw a sign on the gate, that said their place was for sale. They did go back to town and made arrangements to keep the farm.
It was during the depression that Mom went to work in the tomato canning factory in Dog Town “Omega”. She said she wanted some new curtains. Dad must have bought them or she made enough to buy them because she didn’t work long. I remember dad frying potatoes when she came home one night. The only time I ever saw his cook anything.
When I was pretty young, my mother talked to me about God and going to heaven and likely being good. So I remember being in a car and asking someone if they were going to heaven: following which my mother hurried to get me quiet and said I should not be asking people that question. I remember wondering Why? As it seemed pretty important to me.
One day Wendell was playing ball in the barnyard with some other boys. I was watching from a wagon and decided to get down. I remember laying on the wagon tongue and yelling for help. I thought I would fall, and fall I did and broke my elbow. Maybe that is why I have a fear of falling and a fear of heights all my life. I remember going down into a dark basement and getting and x-ray, and later the cast itching.
Here you can insert the story about the barn burning, and the boy that had his fingers eaten by a pig, and Grandma house dying.. (they are written, just not typed out)
In 1939 we moved to the home place. That was a house built by Robert House that my father was born in. His mother and dad had died and his brother Clifton and wife Fern Cox lived there. Then Clifton died so someone in the family. None of the other brothers wanted to live there because the land was poor and rocky in places. So dad moved there and sold our place to Uncle Lacy and Aunt Muriel.
Grandma had not had an easy life, But in later years she said she “ I’ve always had everything I wanted”
Dad died in 1951. He was 52. They had come to see me in St. Louis. I was in nursing school there for 3 months. The drive was too much for his heart. Mom a widow at age 48. Had Leon -;who came home from the service to farm and me live with her. Where we had our first 3 girls. Reese was still home. He had an episode of pyleonephritis from a strept sore on his nose and almost died. Mother went to work as school cook and then as a nurse aid at the Tipton Hospital. In 19 56, Leon and I and girls moved to our own house. She rented the farm & eventually sold it. I would never have made it through 5 children without her help. Yes, I loved her dearly, and in her last 5 years she came to line in an apartment in Keenesburg,Co, and I was with her the night she died.
More on Grandma when I write My story….
By A. Annabel House Moore, age 73.

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