Thursday, February 21, 2008

vacations, part 5 of 5

Here is a picture as pictures were then, very bad: and a picture of our second camper at the side.
As one of the girls mentioned, we started out in a old army tent. We tried lake cottages, then campers, the first one was tossed around by an Indiana tornado, then we went to larger and yet larger campers. As the kids grew up and left home, we finally sold the camper, and went back to a small up to date tent in the back of a volkswagon.! By then we had pretty much narrowed down the necessities in life!

I remember the first camping trip through Colorado on the way to the coast on old highway 6. We climbed and climbed ; I was so thrilled to be in the mountains, just the awesome-ness and the wonder, then we came out on a high plateau . I thought" what is all this flat country", And I remembered a long ago geography lesson. OH, this is what a plateau is.

It seemed that the preparation of a year for out trips,where we saved half dollars in a jar, and I built up my courage to face another onslaught of misquitos, and hot weather and disconfort were actually worth it to see this great country! Just a few things to mention, The mountins, the ocean, the california poppies covering the hillside, sand dunes, the redwood forests, Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Mount rushmore , and on and on, with the long distances in between. Now we can see all this on TV but somehow the" roughing it " experience is not to be forgotten.

And it is a fact, that my husband never got a misquito bite. The misquitos could sit on his hands and face, and never a bite! None of the kids shared his gene. Sorry.

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