Monday, February 18, 2008

vacations, part 1 of 5

Vacations must be listed in Ecc. chapter 3 ??? Vacations became a time to prepare for, and a time to clean up after.

My husband came home from work and said he had a week off and we were going on a vacation!!! He had just finished building us a new home, and we were living in the basement while he finished the up stairs in his off work time. We had also had our 4th daughter in 5 years!

"My mother" who has not been mentioned much in this blog becuase I have a whole story written on her life somewhere on this computer waiting to be edited. My mother said she would keep the baby and we could take a vacation. Sigh of relief!! ( My mother played such a huge part in helping me with my children. I could not have made it without her, and when at 86, she could not live alone, we moved her to Colorado and put her in an apartment next to ours. I wanted to do that for her. It was not a question.) So she kept the baby.

My Mother in law went with us. She was such a blessing, she played with the kids, and sang to them and told them stories and kept them happy. I did not know how to play with babies. I had never grown up around any. I learned a lot from my mother in law.

Early on in life a made a RULE to myself. When my mother would say " Why doesn't he fix that fence" Or when he would say " Why doesn't she buy posts so I can fix the fence"
I never passed those comments on. I just let them roll like water off a ducks back. I always got along fine with my inlaws and outlaws.

The vacation actually went pretty well. We went to Washington DC and stayed with a nurising friend who had small children then. WE did the Smithsonion etc. My memory fails me as I have already given the old photos away.

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