Friday, February 15, 2008

Stress, not in 1950 1951

Hans Selye discovered stress in 1935 as a syndrome occuring in laboraory rats.
Stress has become a universal explanation for human behavior in industrial society.
However findings were rejected by physiologist until the 1970's

No wonder I did not know about stress, I was born too soon. And how lucky I was!!
In 1951, I was in my senior year of nursing school.
I was married and had to find housing outside the school.
I was pregnant and my husband was called back into the Marines for the Korean War.
I was in the midst of my Senior exams and my dad was dying in the hospital. I had requested that they call me if he died as my mom was alone with him. They did not, but told me after the exams were done. How would you have felt?
Then the funeral, No one could find my husband, not even the Red Cross. After this we had our graduation ceremony. I was so sick I could hardly go to the ceremony. One of my teachers said I was so white, she thought I would faint.
It was a sinus/bronchitis that ended me in the hospital for 10 days and then 10 more days at home which added 20 days that I had to work beyond the alloted 3 year time.
Certainly no one mentioned stress. I lived through it all, My husband was found, I finished up my days in nursing, working nights for 6 months on a 32 bed ward of mostly senile hip fractures that I had to turn every 2 hours. And I worked this shift by myself.. I tried to sleep days with a jack hammer outside my window that was removing the streetcar tracks. It was a long hot summer in Indiana! Why did I not have a fan?? Life certainly got better!

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