Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love and Vows

When thou makest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it, for he hath no pleasure in fools, pay first which thou hast vowed Ecclesiastes 5;4
Love, the best description of love is best explained as a gift that most of us are given at one time or other. I remember being pregnant and thinking how I could divide my love with a new baby. That is not how it happened When I held that baby, I was given a total and new love that did not take anything from other loves in my life. I experienced that added love 5 times with children. And I continue to experience in friends that I have, and ones that have gone on.
So when I was married, we were "in love" It was as the above picture displays, a prickly pear rose cactus kind of love. But we had made vows to each other and to God and somehow, we worked things out. We had 42 years together, still in love.
I remember on his dying days, He thanked me for staying with him, and asked me to forgive him for what ever . shattered did you hear my heartbreak? A couple months after his death, a doctor I worked with asked how I was doing. I said "Ok days but I still have nightmares at night where I wake up thinking " What can I do to help him?' and he was already dead.
One day a patient came in to see me and said she was sorry to hear my husband died and she started talking about her husband that died. I asked, when did he die? And she said, That was 35 years ago! So then I decided you don't get over someones dying, you just live through it. I did take hospice classes which I highly recommend to all. A lot of people are suffering.
Oh yes. Read Ecclesiastes chapter 3

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