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Grandma's story, part 3 of 5

Page 3 Grandma’s story
8th grade graduation of mom.
After 8th grade she went to Walnut Grove High School. Her and Virgie drove their buggies and sometimes had races. They thought that was fun, of course they were not supposed to race.
In High school she met others who would be her life long friends . One was Eula Leonard Gunning. She remembers that mom was always good to her grandfather and step grandma. She learned to cook young and would make biscuits for breakfast, after she had milked the cows and fed the chickens. And Eula said that they in turn were good to Myrtle.
Myrtle said she had a couples dates in a buggy. At age 16, They bought her a victrola and she had piano lessons for 14 years. In later years she missed the piano. She went to some silent movies. When she graduated high school. Her and Virgie went on an excursion train to Pikes Peak and on to California. They had a lot of fun . They took a street car from Arcadia to the train station. Dancing was forbidden in the schools and considered a sin by most. In 1918, shoes were $ 100.00 a pair. At that time Myrtle wanted to be a missionary, She could not go on to college because she needed to stay home and take care of her step grandmother.
Mom had a boyfriend and had a friendship ring from him, but then started going with William Kenneth House
b.d. 8-6-1898. She married him when she was 22 and he was 26. They grew up less than I mile apart.
Married August 28, 1924. Their children :
John Wendell 6-3-1926
Audrey Annabel 12-11-30
Reese Milton 5-18 38 deceased 2007
They were married in Noblesville at the parsonage of the ME church. On their honeymoon, the went to Garfield park in Indpls, to the House Reunion, and then in a model T Ford to Mooresville , In. for 2 days.
They set up housekeeping on a farm by Cicero and then moved to he house just west of Walnut Grove, known to the next generation as ‘Aunt Muriel’s House’.
In 1925 when Myrtle was 23, her stepmother died. Myrtle always felt bad that she had married and left her at home without her being there to help her.

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