Sunday, February 10, 2008

Highschool and World War 2

Besides or in addition to: church and camps, riding horses and bikes, sleds and sleighs, making hay, feeding the pigs and cows and chickens, losing my hair and a tonsilectomy, we had parties!
Vi's mother was a school teacher, and she had parties for all who came. They were for anyone who showed up. They had games to play, usually circle games, and plenty of food. It was a fun place before we were old enough to pair off in two's. I spent a lot of overnights there!

This was during WWII and before any one had television. I do not remember any teachers or preachers talking about the War. Some of the older boys enlisted after graduation and my brother tried but he was put in 4F. One home economics teacher who also did PE, did have us outside learning to march one semester.
It was not until later that I learned of the holocaust and the terrible times of the Jewish people.
Everyone should see or read the Exodus, Schlindlers List, the Pianist and there are many more books and documentaries. It should have been a great lesson for everyone, but I'm sure that many like me just played, or worked through it. War is terrible where men and governments make money and the poor and brave give their lives.

Then came 1948, and to bring in the Leap year. I invited this boy, And the rest as they say Was History

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